Michelle Obama: Give that First Lady her own TV show!


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Phew! It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Michelle Obama (though probably not as busy as when she was a vice-president of the University of Chicago Medical Centre and a mother-of-two with a partner who was off politicking all the blooming time). She’s been on American TV six times in the past fortnight, promoting her healthy-living “Let’s Move!” campaign. US right-wingers have moaned she’s not a celebrity; we say, give her a show!

The Oscars

And the award  for the best supporting wife in politics goes to…

Sesame Street

Forget chicken wings (sorry, Big Bird), it’s time to learn about healthy snacks.

The Dr Oz Show

Jump if you’re a Democrat! No, wait, jump if you want to learn how to keep fit, children!

Good Morning America

Michelle loves the smell of fresh vegetables in the morning.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Obama bumps butts (not fists) with Fallon doing his best female impression.