Minority Report TV show on the way from Steven Spielberg

TV version will focus on PreCrime unit

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Remember Minority Report, that really quite enjoyable 2002 sci-fi about a 'PreCrime' police unit that apprehends criminals before they commit murders?

It has aged well, and turned out to be remarkably clairvoyant in the futuristic world it depicted, correctly predicting things like targeted ads that remind you of products you have previously considered buying.

Well, its endurance has obviously not gone unnoticed, with Steven Spielberg (who directed the movie) developing a TV version to be penned by Godzilla's Max Borenstein.

It will focus on the PreCrime unit, according to The Wrap, though Tom Cruise is not expected to return to the role of John Anderton, with a new leading actor being sought.

Its central premise has already been borrowed by CBS show Person of Internet however, which centres on a computer programmer and ex-CIA hitman who use a machine to prevent crimes before they take place.

There aren't any concrete details yet, and certainly no indication of a cast or release date, with Spielberg currently busy developing a Cold War thriller starring Tom Hanks.