Better Call Saul: Teaser trailer 'Amen' sees Bob Odenkirk's lawyer in court

Crooked lawyer pleads to the jury

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AMC is playing its cards pretty close to its chest with Better Call Saul, this is the third teaser trailer we've seen but we're still yet to get one containing more than 10 seconds of actual footage/dialogue.

It's probably a good thing - it would be a shame to sit down to season 1 next year and already know exactly what to expect – but hey let's dissect the latest clip anyway!

Given that Walter White died before he was put in front of a judge, this is actually the first time we've ever seen Saul in court, though it looks to be a small one, the kind fictionalised in Judge Judy where people fight over who threw a bucket.

"I bet if we were in church right now, I’d get a big Amen! You with me ladies and gentlemen?" Saul asks, to a muted response.

Better Call Saul looks to be focusing on Saul's struggle to get clients early on in his career as lawyer James M. McGuill, perhaps what caused him to turn to the much more lucrative role of accomplice.

Though the show will be more comedic in tone, recent quotes from cast and crew suggest it will still be pretty dark and mainly drama-orientated.

"Everything is new to me, I didn’t know any of this story about the character," actor Bob Odenkirk recently told E! "I’m learning a lot about this guy, and everyone’s going to learn a lot about him because it’s all new story.

"[Executive producers] Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould have brought what everyone loved about Breaking Bad to Better Call Saul, all those cliffhanger moments, the tension, it’s all there and I think the fans are going to be super glad to have that back in their life."

Better Call Saul is expected to arrive on AMC and Netflix at the start of 2015.