New Better Call Saul teaser trailer shows how Mike Ehrmantraut met Saul Goodman


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Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul has debuted a new teaser called 'No Parking', which shows Mike Ehrmantraut's humble origins as a parking attendant.

We knew Mike (Jonathan Banks) was a cop before entering the 'fixer' business, but it seems it was a stint in a parking lot that led to his turn to crime, when he had to deal with selfish assholes like Saul.

The pair always had a tempestuous relationship, and their first encounter was no different, with the teaser seeing them arguing over a parking space.

(UK mirror to follow)

"Oh yeah? What you gonna do?' Saul asks Mike. "Got a poop filled diaper in there? You gonna throw it at me? You gonna gum me to death, huh geezer?"

Saul jabs a finger in his future P.I's chest, leading him to twist his arm and force him to the ground.


This is the first time we've seen Mike in Better Call Saul, following the first proper teaser for the show which dropped last month.

Entitled 'Tingle Fingers', it centred on an abandoned motel room with a phone book with Saul's number circled in it resting on the nightstand.

Better Call Saul arrives in the US on AMC in February, and on Netflix worldwide soon after.