Nick Robinson’s ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ ringtone interrupts banking debate on Daily Politics show

Political editor shut off his iPad before the 'embarrassing lyrics' started

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A heated discussion on the Daily Politics show was derailed yesterday, when BBC political editor Nick Robinson’s phone blasted out some Queen on full volume.

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Forgetting to switch your phone on silent happens to the best of us, but when you appear on live television with the frequency Robinson does you would think you might a) make a mental note to do it and b) choose a ringtone a little less subtle than "Fat Bottomed Girls" just in case.

MPs Caroline Flint and Shailesh Vara were busy arguing about the UK’s banks on the daytime political show when Robinson’s phone erupted, with Freddie Mercury heard singing: "Are you gonna take me home tonight? Oh, down beside that red firelight. Are you gonna let it all hang out?"

The editor checked with host Andrew Neill whether it was in fact his iPad making the noise, in case he was also a big Queen fan, before declaring: "I am going to turn it off before the really embarrassing lyrics start."

iPads haven’t caused this much trouble for the BBC since newsreader Simon McCoy accidentally picked up a stack of papers instead of his tablet.