No longer in The Thick Of It? Nicola Murray actress Rebecca Front says new series is unlikely


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Rebecca Front has said she does not think there will be another series of The Thick Of It and wouldn't go ahead without Armando Iannucci.

The actress, who played Labour Party leader Nicola Murray, said creator Armando was the driving force behind the series which couldn't be done if he wasn't involved.

She said: "He has said, I think, that he doesn't want to do another series, but he hasn't categorically ruled out the odd one here and there. The long gap (before the last series) was partly because he wanted to wait until the political landscape had settled and because he was busy doing Veep. If something suddenly sparked his imagination it might happen, but we certainly can't do it and wouldn't do it without Armando. It's his project and it's all down to his decision."