Game of Thrones season 6: Now Maisie Williams is claiming Kit Harington's Jon Snow spoiler was ‘fabricated'

'It was totally false'

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Just when you thought Jon Snow was a dead cert for some sort of resurrection in Game of Thrones season 6, Maisie Williams has thrown his existence into question once more.

On the red carpet at the weekend’s Emmy awards, TV Line asked her: “How many times have you gotten asked tonight if Jon Snow is alive?”

“You’re the first,” she replied, “and the answer is no, he’s dead, sorry.”

“And the interview that you’ve all read that think that, Kit spoiler is fabricated and it was totally false.”

She was presumably referencing the interview in which Harington said Game of Thrones will be part of his life well into his thirties. Most read this as a sign that he will return on screen, but it’s possible he was speaking more figuratively, trying to get across how he will always feel bonded to the show.

Williams also discussed what’s in store for her own character, Arya Stark.

“I thought of a really good teaser for my storyline: Arya may be fighting blind,” she said.

This confirms what we already knew, that Arya will be blind for the first half of the sixth season, with the actress previously giving away the spoiler on Instagram.

Jon Snow was not only the talk of the red carpet at the ceremony but the auditorium too, with host Andy Samberg joking that George R. R. Martin discussed Jon’s fate with him during an ad break.