OITNB season 3: New Orange is the New Black trailer drops

Spoiler alert: It looks likes it's all change at Litchfield Penitentiary

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Orange is the New Black fans have been given their first glimpse of the new series after months of waiting.

It looks like it's all change at Litchfield Penitentiary, as former cook Red declares she has "turned over a new leaf"; Big Boo has a girlish new style; and Piper's ex-girlfriend Alex is back behind bars.

The dramatic two minute clip starts with Taystee and Poussey dancing as Cindy raps - giving viewers hope the programme will return with its trademark mix of hilarity and heartbreak.

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Fans, who have been waiting for 10 months for the new series, will get their first taste of season 3 on Netflix on 12 June.

The last series saw the prison divided as Vee, the facility's former head honcho, returns and knocks Red off her perch.