One Born Every Minute: Dad catches baby as mum gives birth unexpectedly

Dad Ian caught baby Ryan with one hand

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They say childbirth is a miracle but that doesn’t mean it always goes to plan, as one couple found out when a dad caught his newborn son as his partner gave birth unexpectedly.

The scene from the hugely popular Channel 4 programme One Born Every Minute shows mum-to-be Kirsty going to the toilet during the birth of her son.

But when she feels the baby coming, she rushes back to her bed as her partner Ian and midwives attend to her.

Watch the dramatic moment below.

Viewers were left stunned when the baby suddenly popped out, with quick-thinking dad Ian catching his son in one hand.

One Born Every Minute fans took to Twitter to praise Ian and express their shock.

The show’s official Twitter account congratulated the couple and revealed that they named their baby Ryan.

The show which follows the activities on labour wards launched in 2010 and quickly gained widespread acclaim, including being awarded a Bafta.