Orange Is The New Black season 2 hits Netflix on Friday: All you need to know here

Show creator says second season will be darker than the first

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Resign yourself to the nearest duvet, because the entirety of Orange Is The New Black lands on Netflix this Friday 6 June.

All 13 episodes of the new season will be set live in one go, as we pick things up after Piper beat Pennsatucky to a bloody pulp at the end of the first batch.

The trailers for the new series have shown Piper slightly unhinged after her time in the Shoe, threatening other inmates and creepily daubing murals of birds on cell walls.

Orange is the New Black season 2 first look review

Here's a few other nuggets we know about the new season (*possibly spoilerific*):

- OITNB has already been recommissioned for season 3.

- Despite not featuring in the trailer, Pennsatucky is thought to still be alive following the beating.

- There are rumours that a mystery person was also present at the fight, who joined in and left Piper "bruised but grateful" (maybe they took the blame?).

- Litchfield is getting a new prisoner in the form of Yvonne "Vee" Parker (played by Lorraine Toussaint), who will feud with Red.

- Early reviews suggest the first episode is fairly Piper-centric, before the season settles back into an 'ensemble vibe' (Indiewire).

- During the season, it is thought that Piper is transferred to a prison in Chicago for a trial against a drug dealer.OITNB2.JPG

- According to TV Guide, Big Boo and Nicky will be having a sex contest which leads to "surprising hook-ups".

- Show creator Jenji Kohan said that the new series will be darker and more fractured than the first, telling EW that she felt things were a little too buddy-buddy last season and that "we needed a little more drama".

- Most importantly, Taystee is back and with a bigger role.