Orange Is The New Black season 2: Watch the first scene from the new series

Piper turns to art while in solitary confinement

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Netflix's Orange Is The New Black has released a scene from the upcoming season 2, seeing Piper losing her grip on reality in the Shoe.

Premiered through Entertainment Weekly, the clip finds Piper in solitary confinement after beating up Pennsatucky at the end of season 1.

The dreaded Shoe appears to be taking its toll on her too, with a prison guard finding she's been using her food to daub a mural of a bird drinking from a daffodil on the wall.

Show creator Jenji Kohan recently said that the new series will be darker and more fractured than the first, telling EW that she felt things were a little too buddy-buddy last season and that "we needed a little more drama".

The first trailer for it dropped last week, teasing new inmates at Litchfield along with the return of favourites like Crazy Eyes and Taystee.

The next batch of episodes, all 13 of them, will be released in one go on Netflix on 6 June.

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