Orange Is The New Black season 3 is now on Netflix, dropped slightly early

New business interests, spiritual movements and parental problems upend lives and ignite power struggles at Litchfield

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Here's your friendly reminder that season 3 of OITNB hits Netflix this morning, though some viewers got a couple of episodes in last night as it was set live on the streaming service six hours early.

Maybe I'm being cynical, but these 'leaks' are getting less and less believable. First House of Cards season 3 dropped early, with a pithy 'This is the White House, there's always leaks' tweet to accompany, and now it’s the same deal with OITNB.

"Attention inmates! Orange Is the New Black season 3 is out on early release," Netflix US tweeted late last night.

But anyway, all 13 episodes are now up, and you can read our spoiler-free(ish) review of the first episode here.

Ruby Rose joins the cast this season, apparently serving as a "lust object" for Piper and Alex, while all the beloved characters from seasons one and two return.

Show creator Jenji Kohan wrote episode one, which (spoilers) centres on Mother's Day at Litchfield, dipping into the backstories of a handful of characters rather than just focusing on one.