Orange is the New Black season 4: New teaser takes aim at OscarsSoWhite

It also seems that Alex Vause is returning as Piper Chapman's on-off lover for season four

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Orange is the New Black made use of its new season four teaser to mock the OscarsSoWhite diversity crisis overshadowing this year’s ceremony.

The brief clip shows the Litchfield inmates watching an awards show on the TV and laughing at the “Hollywood types”.

“Even when white folks try to be excited, they still boring!” jokes Taystee, with Cindy adding “Yeah, I was asleep”.

Then, scenes of riot police arriving at the prison ruin the chilled-out mood, promising plenty of drama in upcoming episodes. That mass break-out was always going to have its consequences.

Elsewhere, Sophia is seen still stuck in solitary confinement as Poussey and Black Cindy chest-bump and dance routines are performed in the kitchen.

But most importantly, it looks like Alex Vause is back after her cliffhanger scare at the end of season three. Beady-eyed viewers have spotted her cowering from the SWAT team about 19 seconds in on the right. What this means for her relationship with Piper, you’ll have to wait and see.

Season four hits Netflix on 17 June, with seasons one to three currently streaming.

Orange is the New Black has already been renewed for a fifth, sixth and seventh season with creator Jenji Kohan confirming she will stay on board for the entirety.