Protesters unsuccessfully offer police can of Pepsi, throw it at them

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A very different version of the protest depicted in the recent viral Pepsi advert played out in Portland, Oregon this week, in which Pepsi cans were used as projectiles.

A May Day march for labour rights devolved into violence after being overtaken by anarchists and was eventually shut down by police.

Earlier in the day, a protester "unsuccessfully" offered an officer a can of Pepsi as Kendall Jenner did in the commercial.

Portland Police later confirmed that multiple Pepsis were thrown at them, curiously choosing to @ the brand on Twitter.

At least three people were arrested at the rally, after police cars, windows and property were damaged, fires were started in the streets and officers were attacked, according to police.

The protest permit was ultimately revoked “due to numerous incidents of thrown projectiles, incendiary devices and other unsafe conditions”.