Planet Earth 2 answered the question: ‘Who would win in a fight, a jaguar or a crocodile?’

Stunning attack was caught on camera

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There seems to be one dramatic moment in Planet Earth II each week that becomes the talking point of the episode. In week one it was the marine iguana chase, in two it was the golden eagle fight, and this week it was a jaguar hunting some surprisingly large and dangerous prey.

Unable to get hold of a nimble and wary capybara, the big cat instead pounced on the shallows and came up with a caiman, a close relative to the crocodile and alligator.

“Jaguars have the most powerful bite of any cat and he knows the caiman’s most vulnerable point,” Sir David Attenborough narrated as the jaguar sunk its teeth into the crocodilian’s neck.

The Foley artist for the scene clearly had a whale of a time, adding a suitably brutal crunch to the moment.

Jungles was the theme of this week’s episode (watch it on iPlayer here), Planet Earth’s intrepid team of cameraman also capturing glass frogs, birds of paradise, indris and river dolphins.

Next Sunday at 8pm, in its fourth instalment, the show heads to the desert.