Tories most likely to want the predator to win when watching Planet Earth 2, poll finds

UKIP supporters meanwhile, don't really watch nature documentaries

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To the surprise of no-one, a survey has found that Conservative voters are more likely to cheer on the bloody-mawed leopard than the unsuspecting piglet when watching nature documentaries.

YouGov questioned 4,117 UK adults on 12 December 2016, the day after Planet Earth II concluded, finding that the majority of respondents (and the supporters of all parties) wanted the prey rather than the predator to win during attack/feeding scenes.

Tory voters had the highest support for the predator though (14%), while those loyal to UKIP interestingly had the lowest at 7% (perhaps, like the prey, they see themselves as victims?).

UKIP supporters had the highest number of ‘Not applicable - I never watch nature documentaries’ responses meanwhile, presumably because they’re too busy watching Dave, while the Lib Dems hilariously had the biggest percentage of ‘Don’t know’ responses.


There’s no right or wrong answer of course - if the prey lives the predator goes hungry and could face death, which is why the Planet Earth team don’t intervene.

They made an exception with this week’s ‘Cities’ episode, however, with the camera team putting every turtle hatching it found back in the sea as they had become fatally disorientated due to the influence of humans on their natural environment.