Popty ping tattoo: Man has Welsh slang for microwave removed from his arm on Tattoo Fixers

An tattoo artists drew over the eye-catching piece

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A man who had his tattoo of Welsh slang for microwave removed on a TV show might be regretting his decision, after it was hailed as“brilliant”.

The pop-art-style tattoo features a microwave and the words “popty ping!” in bright red bubble writing, and appears in the trailer for E4’s Tattoo Fixers.

Twitter users were impressed by the man’s dedication to the phrase, although it's unlikely they'll be rushing to copy his idea any time soon.

The show follows a pop-up tattoo studio where three tattoo artists were tasked with fixing disastrous ink.

The names of ex partners, misspelled words, and all-round hilariously ugly tattoos – from a smiley face on a nipple to "‘chocolate biscuit" on a man’s behind - are transformed by the artists on the show.

Following a consultation with the artists, clients don’t see the final product until the big-reveal at the end of the programme.

"While filming the series, I came across some crazy tattoos with even crazier stories behind them,” Tattoo Fixers tattoo artists Jay Hutton told the Daily Post.