Red faces in the green room as backstage bonks exposed


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Claire Richards, one-fifth of the recently reformed cheesy pop brigade Steps, has a new autobiography out (Jesus wept etc.) and among the many tragic revelations (a long battle with bulimia; a fling with Another Level's Dane Bowers) comes the news that she and her then-boyfriend, now-husband, Reece, used to romp backstage at Top of the Pops, the agenda-setting music show for the youth of yesteryear.

In a classic case of too much information, the 34-year-old singer discloses that in the late-Nineties, the couple couldn't keep their hands off each other. "Reece and I would have sex anywhere and everywhere. We were at it like you wouldn't believe!"

It comes off the back of a number of high profile admissions recently about just what supposedly squeaky clean entertainers get up to behind the scenes at kids' television programmes.

Earlier this year, the documentary Tales of Television Centre not only revealed that Ex-Blue Peter and Going Live presenter Sarah Greene would engage in sexual shenanigans with the former Radio 1 DJ Mike Smith in her dressing room at the BBC building but also that two presenters of Play School, Rick Jones and Lionel Morton, would often smoke marijuana before filming the toddlers' programme. The former co-presenter Johnny Ball said, "They got stoned on the biggest joint you've ever seen… They were absolutely stoned out of their minds."

Add to that the shocking revelations last year that children's entertainers, the Krankies, were secret swingers who would regularly indulge in sex backstage at their shows and you've got to wonder just how debauched the world of children's entertainment is outside of public view?

It used to be backstage at rock gigs where all the wild stuff happened. Now it's behind the scenes at kids' shows where everything, ahem, goes down.