Richard Blackwood doesn't know how to zest a lemon, but goddamn it he's gonna try

An avant garde approach to zesting

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There were incredible scenes on Sunday Brunch yesterday morning, when Richard Blackwood was asked to zest a lemon during that segment of the show where the celebrity guest has to be interviewed whilst simultaneously serving as a sous chef.

"You want me to squeeze the juice in?" he asked the chef. "Just the zest" came the reply, but he set about slicing the lemon undeterred - a confused Tim Lovejoy handing him a zester encouragingly.

Then came the good bit: He proceeded to zest the juicy side of the lemon.

The chef then headed over to correct him, informing Blackwood that he need zest only the 'outside' of the lemon, much to the former EastEnders actor's disbelief.

Blackwood has laughed off the incredibly awkward moment on Twitter, replying to a user seeking lemons for a salmon lunch: "It's too late I cut them in half trying to Zest them right lol" (sic).

I really hope they get Richard back on Sunday Brunch soon, desperate to see him ordered to peel a potato and just start chopping a carrot.