Rick and Morty spoof Alien: Covenant in latest teaser

In the clip, a face-hugger from the Alien franchise attacks Rick

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As Rick and Morty fans await the third season, Adult Swim has released numerous teasers, many of which spoof other properties. 

The team behind the cartoon series have now teamed up with Fox to create a sponsored Alien: Covenant video, helping promote the newly released film.

Midway through the clip, a face-hugger from the Alien franchise attacks Rick, attempting to implant baby aliens into the grandfather. Watch below.


Luckily, thanks to Rick’s addictions, the creature dies instantly, poisoned by the high levels of drugs and alcohol within Rick’s blood.

Earlier this month, Adult Swim released a video featuring show creator and voice actor Justin Roiland getting drunk for an episode in which Rick becomes particularly inebriated. Watch here.

Meanwhile, a packet of McDonald's Szechuan sauce recently sold for $15,000 after a Rick and Morty episode mentioned the fabled condiment.

For those looking for their next Rick and Morty fix, the VR game has just been released, featuring Roiland’s hilarious voice-work.