Rick and Morty: Watch creator and voice actor Justin Roiland do shots and get drunk for season 3 episode 4

'Oh, did you have to wrangle Justin for the performance of a lifetime?'

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Rick and Morty has long been off screens, leading to an unprecedented amount of excitement for season three of the Adult Swim cartoon.

While the first episode premiered earlier this year, we have yet to hear when season three will continue. Luckily, the show’s creators have been releasing teasers over the last few months, further whetting expectations. 

Most recently, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon posted a video to the Adult Swim Facebook page showing Roiland — who also voices both Rick and Morty — doing shots and getting drunk for an even more inebriated version of Rick who will appear in episode four of season three. 

Associate producer Sydney Ryan was on hand to try and keep things on track, something that was harder than expecting; Ryan concludes how the session was “by far, the least productive, messiest recording day we have ever had.” Watch below.


Harmon was, of course, sympathetic to Ryan’s struggle with Roiland, playing out the clip with a mini-violin and saying: “Oh, did you have to wrangle Justin for the performance of a lifetime?”

Meanwhile, a packet of McDonald's Szechuan sauce recently sold for $15,000 after a Rick and Morty episode mentioned the fabled condiment.

For those looking for their next Rick and Morty fix, the VR game has just been released, featuring Roiland’s hilarious voice-work.