Is Rick and Morty's Real Fake Doors website a missed opportunity or an Easter Egg?

'Are you tired of real doors?'

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'Rixty Minutes' is one of the finest Rick and Morty episodes and Real Fake Doors is one of its funniest multiverse adverts (the one where the guy goes home in the middle of it but it's still part of the advert).

It displays the company's website in large font - - but look up the URL and you'll find it doesn't exist.

Seems like a missed opportunity? Maybe, or maybe it's an in-joke; the domain is registered to Adult Swim's parent company Turner Broadcasting, leading fans on Reddit to suggest that the point of the website, or lack thereof, is that, like the Real Fake Doors, the site won't open.

Others suggested that, since Real Fake Doors exists in a different universe, it wouldn't make sense for the site to exist in this one.

Rick and Morty returned for the first episode of season 3 this month, but the rest of the episodes won't drop until summer - more on that here.