Rolf Harris to present new TV vets show


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Veteran television presenter Rolf Harris has joined Channel 5 for a new series based in a veterinary college.

The artist and broadcaster will present Rolf's Animal Clinic from the University of Liverpool's Vet School and follow students and staff as they deal with the injuries and illnesses of domestic pets, livestock and exotic zoo animals.

He said: "The welfare of animals is something that has always been close to my heart and it's wonderful to be presenting this series which covers the fascinating and skilled work of the vets dealing with such an amazing range of animals."

Harris has had a long association with the BBC including the hugely successful Animal Hospital series and was part of the Diamond Jubilee concert in front of Buckingham Palace.

Commissioning editor Ian Dunkley said: "The series gets to the emotional heart of what it is to be a vet - from the drama of life-saving equine surgery, to how best to deal with an overweight pet. Having Rolf as the presenter is a fantastic addition to the series."

The series is made up of six hour-long shows and will be shown in October.