Saturday Night Live: Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump stalks Hillary Clinton in take on second presidential debate

The sketch also saw the return of Kate McKinnon's magnificent Clinton impression - alongside an obligatory appearance from Ken Bone

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If there's one sliver of light relief to this year's election cycle, it may just lie with Saturday Night Live and Alec Baldwin's side-splitting impression of the Republican candidate.

Indeed, Baldwin's Donald Trump returned for the live sketch show's take on the second presidential debate; seeing him once more take to the stage to face off against Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton, who has this time mastered the art of the casual lean. 

After moderators introduced the "second and worst ever presidential debate", Baldwin and McKinnon arrived in fighting style to take questions from undecided voters; seeing Trump insist his care of the future generation is evident from when he helped young Kevin McCallister find the hotel lobby in famed documentary Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Town Hall Debate Cold Open - SNL

SNL also took ample aim at Trump's seeming stalking of Clinton across the debate stage, soundtracking his movements to a Jaws-esque horror soundtrack, a nice accompaniment to Danny Elfman's recent score to his movements

The debate's moderators then welcomed on a "special treat" for audience and candidates; an obligatory appearance from the strange breakout hit of the debate, undecided voter Ken Bone. The only cast member who could so perfectly capture Bone's appeal, Bobby Moynihan, cropped up in that iconic red sweater to drop some adorable dance moves. 

When asked whether he'd turn out to be a "weird little creep or anything", Moynihan's Bone could only respond, "maybe"; in reference to the recent surfacing of Bone's NSFW Reddit comments and claims the shooting of Trayvon Martin was "justified"

The sketch follows previous outings for Baldwin's Trump, taking on both the first presidential debate and in reaction to the leak of Trump's highly offensive comments about sexual assault.