Saturday Night Live takes aim at Americans living in a political bubble

SNL go from mocking Trump to Bernie Sanders supporters 

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Over the course of the Presidential election, followers of both sides have thrown various labels at each other. Many Donald Trump supporters are now called ‘alt-right’ by the media, while Democrats are ‘liberals’.

Saturday Night Live may have produced numerous sketches blasting Trump over the weeks, but in their second post-election result week, the comedy show decided to poke fun at those who would rather not live under a Trump regime. 

The pre-filmed sketch showcases a place where ‘likeminded freethinkers’ can get together and ‘close themselves in’ from the real world, called 'The Bubble'. 

Bernie Sanders' face is on the dollar bill, people have exactly the same opinions, and apartments start at $1.9m: heaven for people wanting to disengage with the new, Trump-run, Brexit filled world. Watch below.

The Bubble - SNL

One of the major criticisms of the recent election was how many Hillary Clinton supporters ignored Trump’s huge following, leading to polls in which Clinton was winning and social media that acted as an echo chamber for similar opinions. 

The same criticism, however, can be applied to Trump’s supporters, many of whom only engaged with each other and ignored mainstream media. Both sides living in their own, respective bubbles.

Meanwhile, Trump took issue with the episode of SNL, calling for the show to once again be retired and starting a Twitter row with Alec Baldwin.