Save the CBeebies TV channel: Parents up in arms over BBC plan to axe toddler programming

'There will be tears and tantrums - and that's just the parents'

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Panicked parents have launched a petition to save CBeebies in response to news the BBC is considering axing its toddler and pre-school channel.

Nearly 25,000 have signed the petition since it launched two days ago with parents even attempting to contact Prime Minister David Cameron directly to ask him to step in and save the channel.

The freeview channel owned by the British public broadcaster is famed for showing programmes which are both educational and entertaining for little ones.

It recently rebooted beloved children’s programme The Clangers and shows cartoons such as Charlie and Lola as well as bedtime staple In The Night Garden.

On Monday BBC Director General Tony Hall made a speech during which he said channels including Cbeebies, BBC News, BBC4 and CBBC, which is aimed at older children, may all face the axe.

The changes are part of a wider shakeup at the broadcaster which Hall says could mean children’s TV being placed onto the iPlayer platform so it can be streamed online.

The “Save the CBeebies TV channel” petition claims it “plays a significant role in the lives of most parents” and provides “both education and entertainment” and allows parents to do something else like cook dinner while kids are watching.

On social media parents have been up in arms at the proposed changes with one mum claiming: “There will be tears and tantrums across the land if they take it away and that’s just the parents.”



Speaking at the Science Museum, Mr Hall said: “The BBC faces a very tough financial challenge. We will inevitably have to close or reduce some services.