Scarf at the ready? Russell Brand says he'd love to replace Matt Smith as Doctor Who


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Comedian Russell Brand has revealed that he would love to replace Matt Smith as Doctor Who.

Smith announced last week that he was quitting his role as the Timelord this year and will make his final appearance in the Christmas special.

Brand told Absolute Radio's Christian O'Connell: "Yeah, I'd love to be him, I'd be like a Tom Baker one, like a sort of long scarf, flouncy, wistful, quoting occasional poems, kicking cyber-men in the nuts. This is what the country needs.

"I would just travel through time pinching people's arses. Carry on up the worm hole. Like quantum physics, so that is actually perfect. No, we can't have that in the tardis, 'ere it's a lot bigger on the inside."

The star told the breakfast show host that one of the things he missed since moving to Los Angeles was the "casual abuse" and "banter" he would have with strangers while he was in London.

He said: "I have not been to England for a little while and before I was walking around getting in chats with people, I thought everyone is really harsh but then I thought oh no this is England, everyone just takes the piss the whole time. Yeah, that's what I like, I got into it and started joining in and I was right as rain."