Seinfeld might finally be coming to Netflix

'I am down. I am totally down. Mark me down.'

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Jerry Seinfeld has revealed that Netflix are in talks with Sony to bring Larry David's beloved sitcom to the streaming service.

The comedian took part in an AMA on Reddit last night, with one user asking him:

"Jerry, any word on Seinfeld coming to Netflix?

Can you please convince Larry to let it happen? There are so many people who still have not experienced Seinfeld first hand and having it available through Netflix will surely be the easiest way.


Seinfeld replied:

"You are a very smart and progressive person. These conversations are presently taking place."

If a deal is struck, all 180 episode of the show could be available on-demand – an absolute wealth of comfort TV.

Earlier in the week, FXX revealed plans for a 'Simpsons World' website, which will let customers stream all 522 episodes of the cartoon (over 207 hours).

Netflix has hosts of comedy series in its catalogue but a few holes when it comes to the classics, with Friends and Frasier also being absent from the service.