Simpsons World website to let you watch all 522 episodes of cartoon online on-demand

Site will also offer personalised playlists and new ways to share clips

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Halt any plans you had to actually get things done in the near future, because a website is coming from FFX that will make all 207 hours of The Simpsons available to stream whenever you want.

Simpsons World will provide "authenticated viewers" (paying ones) with "instant and on-demand access to every single Simpsons episode ever, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via, and FXNOW apps for iPhone, iPad, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Android phones and tablets, Smart TVs, and additional set-tops devices," according to a press release from FXX.

The site is aimed at both casual and super fans, and follows a $750 million deal FXX broke for the exclusive cable and VOD rights to the long-running cartoon.

The network will marathon all 522 episodes in the US in April, though there is no news yet on whether Simpsons World will be available to UK viewers and at what price.

The cartoon will go on a full scale offensive to boost ratings in September with a Family Guy crossover episode, a Futurama one and the death of a key character (probably Krusty the Clown).