Johnny Flynn stars in new Channel 4 comedy Scrotal Recall

Folk singer Flynn (right) plays Dylan, a man who has to track down old lovers to explain that he's contracted chlamydia

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Folk singer Johnny Flynn is starring in a new Channel 4 comedy series about a man who’s discovered he’s got an STD and must track down all of his previous lovers to tell them.

He will be acting in the show, entitled Scrotal Recall, alongside Antonia Thomas (Alisha in Misfits) and Daniel Ings (Pete Versus Life).

The musician, who is primarily known for his part in band Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit, is also an actor and counts the lead in a 2006 Dutch film, Crusade in Jeans, among a handful of credits.

He plays Dylan Witter, “a hapless chap whose romantic conquests have landed him in a sticky situation… quite literally,” Channel 4 says.

Dylan has contracted chlamydia, and must, with the help of his friends Evie (Thomas) and Luke (Ings), dig up his sexual past and revisit old encounters to come clean, so to speak.


Not one to waste an opportunity, Dylan apparently uses the mission to right some wongs and make better the “romantic car-crashes” of his yesteryears.

Scrotal Recall is a brilliantly written modern comedy, a skilful mix of compelling love story, instantly original characters and erm… STDs,” said Fiona McDermott, Acting Deputy Dead of channel 4 Comedy.

“We’re totally thrilled that we’ve got such a talented and exciting cast to bring it all to life.”

The series is produced by Clerkenwell Films, is written by Tom Edge and directed by Elliot Hegarty (Bad Education) and Gordon Anderson (The Catherine Tate Show, The Inbetweeners).

It is currently being filmed in Scotland and is due to air in the autumn.

Murray Ferguson, Chief Executive at Clerkenwell Films said: “This is a unique comedy with a fantastic cast, brimming with humour, heart and mild genital discomfort.”