Sir David Attenborough wants Professor Brian Cox to take his throne. But who else could be the face of natural history?


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Michaela Strachan

She has form for being  Really Wild but the bubbly Strachan might lack the gravitas required to step into Sir David’s shoes.  

David Bellamy

This interesting specimen would surely be keen but since calling global warming “poppycock” in 2005 he claims he’s been ostracised.        

Steve Backshall

He’s certainly fearless but would he be able to stop prodding the Deadly 60 and let less ferocious beasts into the limelight? 

Forest Whitaker

The Oscar winner is the narrator of the US Discovery channel version of Africa, so Forest’s done desert, but what about the Arctic?

Kate Humble

She’s added a spring to watchers’ steps, has the experience and she has presented with Sir David, whom she calls her hero.