Someone re-wrote Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's 'Pinot Noir' for Game of Thrones' Jaqen H'ghar

'Jaqen H'ghaaaaaaaaaaaaar!'

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Are you a fan of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's flamboyant flyer distributor Titus Andromedon and also Game of Thrones' Faceless Man of Braavos Jaqen H'ghar? Good, because this TV series crossover is about as esoteric and bizarre as they come.

Apropos nothing, YouTubers Practical Folks re-wrote Titus' already infamous 'Peeno Noir' music video to reflect some of the key events of GoT.

In case you forgot the original (how could you?):

And here's the Game of Thrones revision, complete with 'tomboy star' Arya and 'sh*thead czar' Joffrey:

Game of Thrones has been parodied about every way possible by this point, arguably the best being Bad Lip Reading's stunning Medieval Land Fun-Time World:

GoT author George R. R. Martin explained this week that he resisted having his series turned into a film because he believed the medium could not do it justice.

He explained: "I didn't need the money so I had the power to say the sexiest word in Hollywood – 'No'."