Spoiler alert: Breaking Bad fans stage funeral for Walter White in real graveyard

Families with relatives buried in the Albuquerque site could find the fictional character's grave disrespectful

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Fans of Breaking Bad have staged a funeral for Bryan Cranston's Walter White character following the finale of the acclaimed drama.

Around 200 mourners paid to attend Saturday's service in Albuquerque, where the show was filmed, raising $17,000 (£10,500) for the local Health Care for the Homeless organisation.

Following a funeral procession numbering 80 cars, attendees threw dirt on an empty coffin, which was placed in a real graveyard with a headstone. According to the Albuquerque Journal, the eulogy was delivered to cheers by Breaking Bad set decorator Michael Flowers.

However, there has been some controversy over whether the fictional character's grave will draw too many tourists.

Manuel Montano told local TV station KOB: "My son is buried about 15 yards from where the makeshift grave site is. This is a place of mourning. It's not a spectacle."

An online petition to remove the grave has attracted more than 800 signatures.

It claims that Breaking Bad set locations have become "tourist traps" since the show's end, saying that Walter White's home attracts "up to 10,000 cars full of fans" every month.

"Adding a physical grave site will encourage tourists to visit a sacred burial site of hundreds and hundreds of loved ones," the petition reads.

"Cemetery officials say if crowds start gathering at the grave site of Walter White, they'll consider getting rid of his headstone. But the 'officials' should not put the family members through such disrespect during the process of deciding whether or not too many people are visiting the makeshift grave."