Spotlight director Tom McCarthy's next project will be Selena Gomez Netflix drama

13 Reasons Why will be an adaptation of the young adult best-selling novel

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Tom McCarthy is a Hollywood chameleon. By that, we mean, his IMDB credits make for a uniquely diverse read.

As well as directing Spotlight - a film which could well emerge victorious at this weekend's Oscars - he also starred in George Clooney oil drama Syriana, wrote the Pixar tearjerker Up and was the man responsible for Adam Sandler turkey The Cobbler.  

Deadline reports that the multi-talented McCarthy now plans to follow up his Spotlight success with 13 Reasons Why, a 13-part Netflix drama from Selena Gomez.

Based on a young adult bestselling book by Jay Asher, the adaptation will follow a night in the life of Clay, a boy who receives a box of cassette tapes from his late schoolmate Hannah.

The twist is that Hannah has committed suicide, and the cassette tapes each state how a different person played a part in her death.

Gomez is not down to star but will serve as executive producer on all episodes alongside McCarthy who will direct the show's opening two.

The singer-actress, who appeared in Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers, was the one who brought the book to production company Anonymous Content's attention.

The more keen-eyed of you will also remember McCarthy from season five of HBO television show The Wire in which he starred as The Baltimore Sun journalist Scott Templeton. 

We recently spoke to the Oscar-nominee about the success of Spotlight. The film received six nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Supporting Actor for Mark Ruffalo.