Step into The Sex Clinic: Channel 4's latest Mating Season documentary

The show follows patients in London and Birmingham's busiest sex clinics

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Channel 4 continues its ‘season of sex’ with fly-on-the-wall documentary The Sex Clinic, which follows patients as they attend sex clinics in London and Birmingham.

From the channel that launched Embarrassing Bodies, the show promises to follow patients as they find out “what they’ve got and how they’ve got it- warts and all”.

The show is the latest in a series of Channel 4 programmes this year dealing with relationships and sexual behaviour, following Dogging Tales, 40 Year Old Virgins and Can Have Sex, Will Have Sex.

Channel 4, which has received a number of complaints that its recent programmes border on “voyeurism”, has called the series of shows ‘The Mating Season’, claiming that they “examine modern relationships in Britain and explore the intricacies involved in forming new human pairings.”

In the first episode of The Sex Clinic, the programme follows four patients as it attempts to “tap into the heart of Britain’s infection epidemic”.

One of them is dominatrix Mistress Jezebel, who visits the Soho clinic to get advice about avoiding coming into contact with infected blood from a regular client who likes to "play rough".

Another is transgender escort Tomisha and her pre-operation friend Damien, who also visit the Soho clinic for instant HIV tests and are faced with some difficult questions about their sexual behaviour.

Then there is Bompinge from Birmingham, who has to make a difficult call to his ex-girlfriend when he discovers some uncomfortable symptoms after sleeping with her. 

The documentary also follows Wayne, who has a wart removed from his penis and later returns to the clinic after unwelcome news from a new partner. He later speaks from his own home, where he talks frankly about living with HIV for 25 years.

Only time will tell whether The Sex Clinic is more entertainment or education.

The Sex Clinic starts tonight at 10pm on Channel 4.