US late night host Stephen Colbert has been one of the biggest criticisers of Donald Trump from the moment he announced he was running for President, but The Late Show presenter faces backlash for a joke many have deemed “homophobic.”

The words arrived in Colbert's opening monologue when he criticised Trump for walking out of a CBS News interview when asked about his unproven claims that he was wiretapped by then-President Obama.

Colbert's lengthy 11-minute speech ended with the below:

“Sir, you attract more skinheads than free Rogaine. You have more people marching against you than cancer. You talk like a sign language gorilla that got hit in the head. In fact, the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c**k holster.”

You can watch the full segment below.

It was his final remark that saw viewers express their distaste on social media where the hashtag #FireColbert began trending.

CBS is yet to comment.