Strictly Come Dancing duo Flavia Cacace and Vincent Simone named rears of the year


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Strictly Come Dancing duo Flavia Cacace and Vincent Simone have been recognised for their toned bottoms as they were named winners of the Rear of the Year award.

The pair - the first professional twosome to win the annual accolade - were "delighted" to have their pert bums celebrated and were looking forward to the reactions of their Strictly colleagues.

"They'll be devastated. They're going to be so jealous. I can't wait for them to find out," Simone said.

Cacace, 34, joked that she and Simone would have to pass on tips to the other Strictly professionals to get them in the running for the award next year.

"I think they'll be laughing," she said.

The petite dancer - famous for her Argentine Tango with Simone - said dancing is what makes their bottoms award-worthy, and she said she believes it will continue to keep them well-honed.

"I think we will always dance, whether we can actually still perform full on, we will always do some form of dance, even if it's social or teaching, so hopefully that will keep them nice and compact," she said.

Simone, 35, joked that he had been waiting for this award "all my life", saying: "I think it was about time."

The dancing star, who appears in stage show Midnight Tango with Cacace, said: "I haven't seen any other men with amazing rears like me, so I don't have much competition."

Confident that his behind will remain in great condition, he added: "My bum is eternal. It will last forever."

Cacace, who won the last series of Strictly with Olympic gymnast Louis Smith, said it is good to win something without having to do hard work - but said she is glad she is famous for having a talent.

"Normally we have to really work hard to win something, so to actually be awarded without even knowing is really satisfying," she said.

"I think it's really lovely to actually be known for what you do, and be recognised for our dancing is incredible, and we're so thankful to the audiences more than anything who come and watch our show Midnight Tango.

"We're doing what we love because of them so we're eternally grateful."

Simone joked that it is not just their dancing feet that attracts audiences.

"Most of the people who come and see the show - they come for me really. It's my rear," he said.

Although jointly victorious in the 31st Rear of the Year competition, Cacace and Simone compete against each other on Strictly - a show which Cacace said is "kind of in our blood".

"I think Strictly Come Dancing is such a hard job. It's probably the hardest thing we have ever done in our career," Simone said.

He said they are competitive at the start of each series as they find out what celebrity they have been paired with, but added that as tiredness sets in they begin to look forward to the finale.

"By the end of the show everything is so tired and we've been working so hard that in a way we just want to end it," he said.

The dancing partners were not able to confirm their place in the next series of the BBC1 show at this early stage but Cacace said they will always be a part of it, whether they are partnered with a celebrity or not.

The dance champion praised the show's bosses on their ability at picking celebrities to take part and said she fancied "more of the same" this year.

"To be honest, after 10 years they've had pretty much everybody," she said.

"They've got it right, so keep doing what they're doing."

Competition organiser Tony Edwards said the couple's Argentine Tango helped to draw attention to their well-defined bottoms.

"There can be little doubt that this blatantly sexy dance has helped to focus the spotlight on their well-toned rears while serving as a highly effective work-out for both of them," he said.

Mr Edwards pointed out that Cacace and Simone are not the first Strictly dancers to win the title, as previous winners include celebrity competitors Felicity Kendal, who won the Rear of the Year award in 1981, Lulu (1983), Anita Dobson (1987) Carol Smillie (1998), Denise van Outen (1999), Claire Sweeney (2001), Rachel Stevens (2009), Ricky Whittle (2010) and Carol Vorderman (2011).

Mr Edwards said: "There is, obviously, no direct connection between Strictly and Rear of the Year, but the fact that Rear winners can cut the mustard on Strictly some 30 years later speaks volumes about their attitudes to keeping fit.

"Like Fiona Bruce, our 2010 winner, many Rears of the Year regularly jog or run to stay in shape."

Votes were cast throughout the year.