Week nine of Strictly Come Dancing saw the BBC show return once more to Blackpool, much to everyone’s excitement. 

Comedian Peter Kay was on hand to cameo, telling viewers to vote for their favourite contestant and saying “You’ve got balls, you” to Ed Balls.

However, one joke about Judge Rinder was labelled ‘homophobic’ by Tweeters. After moving toward Rinder, Kay pretended to jump away from the TV personality, saying: “Steady lad, this case is closed!”

One viewer wrote on social media: “Peter Kay there, wringing out dead catchphrases from 10 years ago and relying on casual homophobia for cheap laughs.”

Another said: “Can someone tell Peter Kay that 1970's homophobic humour is NOT acceptable on TV anymore!”

Others were much more positive about his appearance, one Tweeter noting: “If you are offended by Peter Kay - the most unoffensive comedian going - you are what's colloquially known as a massive b***end.”

BBC Strictly also Tweeted about Peter Kay’s cameo but decided to comment on Kay getting the terms and conditions of how people vote wrong rather than the controversial joke.

The BBC has yet to reply to The Independent's request for comment.

Meanwhile, Ed Balls performed an exciting Jive to “Great Balls of Fire,” with judge Craig commenting after the show how the former Labour MP could very well win the competition. Find out whether he makes it through tonight on BBC One.