Super Bowl commercials 2015: Watch best ads from this year's biggest football showdown

Watch the five best ads from Super Bowl 2015

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On Sunday night Glendale, Arizona will host the 49th Super Bowl.

Labelled "The Greatest Show on Earth", more than 100 million viewers are set to tune in for what will be America’s most watched TV event of the year.

And these big viewing figures mean big business for advertising companies. With a 30-second slot reportedly costing up to $4.5 million, companies invest big bucks and a lot of energy to ensure their ad slots, are converted into “mad sales”.

This year is no different, with companies like T Mobile and Snickers enlisting the help of A-listers like Pierce Brosnan and Kim Kardashian to make their adverts memorable.

Here is a round-up of five of the best so far...

T Mobile

Love her or loathe her, it seems like you can’t escape Kim Kardashian, even when watching the Super Bowl. This hilarious advert sees “Kimmie” poke fun at herself by fronting T Mobile’s Data Stash campaign. Kardashian’s argument goes; with more data, mobile phone users across America can enjoy even more of her selfies, belfies and [insert word here]-fies more often .


Old Spice

Known for their legendary fragrance campaigns, Old Spice has returned to its tried and tested formula of combining a semi-clad Terry Crews and a lot of shouting to sell their latest electric razor line. I mean, what sells a razor more than exploding heads and a man waking up to the realisation that he is married to himself. Confused? I was too.



He might have stopped playing James Bond over a decade ago but Pierce Brosnan shows in this advert that he still has an eye for adventure, even if his agent doesn’t. In the video, we see a comical exchange between the two that sees Brosnan craving high-speed chases, explosions and snipers, while his agent can only offer him log cabins and owls, all while travelling well under the speed limit.



While the full advert has yet to be released in full, the teaser for Snickers’ Super Bowl ad has to be the most intriguing. In the clip we see Danny Trejo, who is best known for his role as in the 2010 blood-fest Machete, combing his hair in what seems to be a new, somewhat darker, remake of the 70s TV classic The Brady Bunch.



While it may not have the high-profile personality featuring in it, this year’s GoDaddy Super Bowl advert has definitely caused the most controversy. Telling the story of a lost dog, the advert starts wholesomely enough. However, when the dog is eventually reunited with its owner she tells him: “Buddy! I'm so glad you made it home, because I just sold you on this website I made with GoDaddy.“ America’s animal lovers were outraged and, under pressure, GoDaddy made the decision to pull the advert before Sunday.