That really sucks! Audiences told to kiss goodbye to HBO vampire series True Blood


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The days of True Blood are officially numbered. HBO has confirmed it is cancelling the violent, highly sexual vampire television drama after the next season.

The upcoming seventh season will be its last, according to the Hollywood Reporter, which quotes HBO's president of programming Michael Lombardo as confirming the series's demise.

The Emmy and Golden Globe-winning drama has proven TV audience's bloodlust, the sixth season having opened in June with an audience of 4.5 million. It is HBO’s third most-viewed original drama, after The Sopranos and Game of Thrones.

Based on novels by Charlaine Harris, the series is set in the small fictional town of Bon Temps, where humans and vampires are learning to live together in an uneasy harmony. A telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) uses her powers to interact with similarly otherworldly characters.

Alan Ball, who originally created and produced the series, said of its success: “From the moment I read Charlaine’s books, I thought there was potential for something really special. Then our amazing writers cast and crew brought her world to life in a way that exceeded my wildest expectations.

I'm deeply grateful to HBO for being true partners and collaborators, and, of course, to the viewers who chose to spend Sunday nights in Bon Temps with us."

The final ten episodes of series seven will be aired in spring 2014.