The Apprentice 2014 firing: Alan Sugar 'gets rid of the no-hopers' with triple elimination

Team Tenacity took a battering after their 'Fat Daddy's Fitness Hell' video failed to win them hits

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Lord Alan Sugar was merciless this week pointing his stubby little finger at all of the hapless contestants brought into the boardroom to account for their failure: one, two, three.

The business mogul, described by this week’s failed project manager Ella Jade Bitton as “Jekyll and Hyde”, showed his ruthless side in his assessment of team Tenacity who failed this week’s task to create a viral video for Buzzfeed.

Former hypnotherapist and Goldman Sachs employee Sarah Dales (who told the girls to wear skirts and high heels in episode one) bore the brunt of Lord Alan’s wrath.

Having concluded that “the whole team had it in for her” Lord Sugar told Sarah: “Sarah, there is no smoke without fire…people don’t have much confidence in you, I’m wondering why I should have confidence in you as a business partner. Sarah, you’re fired.”

Steven Ugoalah – who hit the headlines for unusual bathing habits (he washes his face and feet in vinegar) – was the first to go, with Lord Sugar describing the Canadian social worker as “a lost cause”.

The Apprentice Ep 4 - Ella Jade is Fired - Embargoed 22.00hrs 29th October 2014.jpg
The Apprentice Ep 4 - Ella Jade is Fired

Project manager Ella Jade fought hard to stay in the competition, even repeatedly interrupting Lord Alan after she had been fired.

He said to her: “I’ve got to get on with this process, with the candidates, some very, very good candidates, that are left. Let’s get rid of the no-hopers…Don’t waste my time.”


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The Apprentice candidate Steven Ugoalah

Winning team Summit were sent to Iceland’s Blue Lagoon to bathe in the volcanic waters. They managed to achieve 3,532 hits on their video for BuzzFeed (a cream pie eating challenge), beating Tenacity by a narrow margin of just 200 views.

Summit's cream pie eating challenge video won more hits on YouTube than the other team's

Tenacity’s efforts (a fitness video for overweight fathers titled “Fat Daddy’s Fitness Hell”) were branded “cruel” by Karren Brady.

Just 12 of the initial 20 wannabe apprentices remain.