The Apprentice 2014 firing: Pamela Uddin sent home after disastrous board game task

The Relationship Guru board game proved no match for the 23-year-old

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Pamela Uddin has become the latest casualty of the boardroom after failing to deliver in this week’s Apprentice task.

The assistant brand manager from Dublin led team tenacity as project manager in a task that saw the remaining contestants devise a new concept for a board game.

Team Tenacity chose a questionable relationship board game, The Relationship Guru, which put punters off with its sexist questions devised by pub quiz company owner Daniel.

The team made £1,101.25 in sales in comparison to team summit, which made £2,080 from its educational geography board game.


Pamela chose to take Daniel and solicitor Lauren back to the boardroom, citing Daniel’s aggression and Lauren’s lack of contribution.

Lord Sugar said he was concerned that Pamela had only been working for a year, and wondered if she had enough “business acumen” for his £250,000 business idea investment.

But after warning Daniel that this was his “last chance” and expressing concern with Lauren’s lack of entrepreneurial spirit, Lord Sugar chose to send home the 23-year-old.

“Lauren, I do have a problem. But I think my biggest problem is Pamela. And Pamela you are the project manager here, this task failed simply because the product was no good and you had control of that product,” he said.