The Apprentice 2016: Lord Sugar brings both teams back in historic boardroom

Six candidates found themselves in this week's firing line

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Tonight's episode of The Apprentice saw Lord Sugar unable to pick a winning team with both project managers brought back to the boardroom.

The candidates were tasked with creating an advertising campaign for jeans, but the tycoon was left unimpressed with both teams' efforts meaning there were six battling for survival.

Project managers Jessica Cunningham (Team Nebular) and Mukai Noiri (Team Titan) brought back Natalie Hughes, Alana Spencer, Karthik Nagesan and JD O'Brien upon Sugar's order.

"I'm not putting my name to either of these campaigns," Sugar tells the candidates before ultimately firing 30-year-old hair and beauty salon owner Hughes for not contributing anything to the task.

"For a potential business partner of mine, Natalie, you've been a bit quiet, you've not been pushing yourself forward," he told Hughes, describing his verdict as "regretful."

Cunningham had a particularly stressful week when her team lost the jeans they were photographing for their campaign. 

"So you're doing photographs for your jean campaign without your jeans," Karren Brady said before breaking down in years; Lord Sugar's aide ushered her outside to take a breather and calm down.

This was Team Nebular's second loss following the series' return last week which saw the firing of Michelle Nizol.

The Apprentice continues weekly on BBC One every Thursday.