The Crown series 2: Showrunner hints series may feature Prince Phillip having an affair

The Duke of Edinburgh was rumoured to have had an affair with actress Pat Kirkwood and TV personality Katie Boyle, something they have both denied

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Downton Abbey proved everyone still loves English period dramas. Netflix - of course - wanted to capitalise on the phenomena, spending $130 million on the first series of The Crown, making it the most expensive series of all time.

Having received widespread positive reviews, there is a huge amount of excitement for the second series which showrunner Peter Morgan has since commented on.

Speaking at a panel to discuss the programme, Morgan was questioned about whether Prince Philip’s alleged affair would be portrayed in the series.

“Doesn't everyone in Britain know he had an affair?” he responded, according to The Daily Mail, referring to widespread rumours regarding the Duke of Edinburgh being with actress Pat Kirkwood and TV personality Katie Boyle.

Both Kirkwood and Boyle denied having an affair with Phillip during the ‘50s - the time period in which the second series of The Crown is set, Morgan saying setting will be between 1956 to 1964.

The show creator also detailed how further season may take place much further into the 20th century, requiring a change of leading actors - Matt Smith currently plays Phillip while Claire Foy plays Elizabeth.

The series is expected to return to Netflix this November.