The Crystal Maze comeback is officially happening as live experience hits £500,000 crowdfunding target

Prepare to join Richard O'Brien in the immersive London-based event

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In what is easily the most exciting news of the day, The Crystal Maze live immersive experience has reached its crowdfunding target, meaning we all get to run around looking for sparkly gems in a mystery London location.

More than £512,000 has been raised in just eight days with over 3,900 fans donating to the overwhelmingly popular IndieGoGo project.

Founders promise that the The Crystal Maze set will be "lovingly recreated" as it was on the Nineties TV show for fans to play in themselves, sadly at £50 a pop but we reckon it'll be worth it.

The fundraising page confirms that original presenter Richard O'Brien will return to the rebooted format of the show to "welcome guests in a time honoured fashion"...

...while the Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic and Crystal Dome zones (but not the Ocean Zone - due to "health and safety") will be reassembled for ticket-holders to enjoy during a 1hr 45 minutes interactive session.

The £500,000 crowdfunding goal will help pay for the construction of the maze, salaries for actors and designers and the price of the venue and licencing fees.

Rewards for pledgers include early bird tickets, bomber jackets, a red carpet evening, tickets to the opening party, exclusive crystals and even private all-day maze access for anyone rich enough to fork out £10,000.

The 750 early bird tickets cost £30 each and have already sold out while more than 1000 people have bought a full team maze package to take 8 friends in for £300.

The Crystal Maze producers said they had been approached by venture capitalists to help fund the project, but said their preferred business partner was "the British public".

Clearly they knew we would all be suckers for running around a labyrinth of hilarious situations in search of sparkling crystals. Next aim - get it back on TV for us all to enjoy.