The Dog Whisperer gets mauled by Alan "The Housewife Charmer" Titchmarsh


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The last time an Alan Titchmarsh interview caught our attention was in June when a documentary about the Queen featured questions not far from "Why are you so bloody wonderful, ma'am?"

But, on Wednesday, Titch came over like the heir to Robin Day when Mexican pet trainer, Cesar "The Dog Whisperer" Millan appeared on his ITV1 show. After some brief chit-chat, Titchmarsh laid into Millan (insofar as Alan can lay into anyone) for his rough training methods which can involve using electric shocks and hitting misbehaving dogs to make them act in line. Millan has faced criticism in the past from the American Humane Association and the RSPCA, but none can match the mauling of an accusatory Titchmarsh telling him: "Having watched a lot of boxing, it looked like something Henry Cooper would deliver." Next up, Conrad Black!