The Fall season 3: Writer brushes off misogyny accusations ahead of new series

The show was once described as 'an invitation to share an extended rape fantasy'

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BBC series The Fall has been accused numerous times of being misogynistic, the Daily Mail describing the show as “an invitation to share an extended rape fantasy,” while The Guardian questioned whether the show was “misogyny in a veil of classiness.”

Writer Allan Cubitt has since defended the show, describing how he was initially "very upset” by the criticism but now believes it to be "absurd".

“It was something I had to talk to my daughter about who has counselled me very well,” he told Press Association. 

"I can't say I've never made any errors or could have done something better or something different but I know myself and I know these guys and I know what we're all about and that's just an absurd comment.”

The psychological thriller - which stars Gillian Anderson as DSI Gibson, a cop on the trail of serial killer Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) - returns for season three tonight for its final series.

New members of the cast include Krister Henriksson, Aidan McArdle, Ruth Bradley, Aisling Bea and Richard Coyle. Watch the first trailer here.