The Gamechangers trailer: Daniel Radcliffe stars in GTA movie

Movie about lawsuit was itself the subject of a lawsuit

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The BBC has released a teaser trailer for The Gamechangers, which sees Daniel Radcliffe play Rockstar Games co-founder and president Sam Houser during his court battle over the Grand Theft Auto series.

The “British genius behind the most lucrative video game ever” takes on “man on a moral mission” Jack Thompson, a lawyer played by Bill Paxton.

This is the first time we have seen GTA 5 dramatised, the fastest selling entertainment title in history (over all movies and albums).

The Gamechangers was helmed by Black Mirror and Misfits director Owen Harris and shot in South Africa.

Ironically, Rockstar filed a lawsuit against the BBC over the movie, because it had no involvement in the project despite its trademarks being used.

The Gamechangers forms part of the Make It Digital initiative, which was designed to inspire younger generations to get involved with coding and programming.

It will be broadcast on 15 September at 9pm on BBC Two.