The Grand Tour episode 2 splits opinion as viewers label Jeremy Clarkson's Amazon show both 'dull' and 'incredible'

'Bordering on boring. Lose the American driver'

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Following a rapturously received first episode of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May’s The Grand Tour, the second in the series has split viewers’ opinion.

Many viewers have already grown to dislike the show’s replacement for The Stig - an ex-NASCAR driver nicknamed The American.

Titled 'Operation Desert Stumble', the episode also drew criticism for being less car-orientated, focussing on the presenting trio fleeing from ‘terrorists’ and the action that ensued. 

Viewers went on to call the episode ‘fake’, ‘dull’ and an assortment of other detrimental words not associated with the critically applauded first episode.

There were, of course, those who enjoyed the focus on action, with some Tweeters calling it “incredible”, “amazing”, and all sorts of other hyperbole. 

Amazon likely won’t be too phased by the critical remarks: the first episode of the series - which requires an Amazon Prime membership to watch - broke previous streaming records for the company.

Meanwhile, Clarkson has spoken candidly about how much the show cost to make. Earlier in the week, Netflix boss Ted Serandos claimed Amazon paid upwards of $250 million for the show.

The presenter responded in a recent interview by saying the number was much smaller than that, saying: “I mean, look at me. Do I look like I’m earning millions of dollars a year.”

The Grand Tour is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.