The Iranian version of Friends looks like it was made on The Sims


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It may have ended over 10 years ago, but Iran has just thought to do a remake of Friends, featuring a B+ for effort recreation of Monica's apartment.

Twitter's @dpatrikarakos posted some screen grabs from the show, later musing: "Thinking on it..Ahmadinejad would make quite a good Janice. That same inane grin and ability to make bad noise."

"The one where Rachel takes her scarf off and Ross calls the Mutaween," another user Oliver Bennett suggested as an episode title.

The set is clearly made in Friends image, but missing a few key details.

The picture frame

Why isn't it on the door? Come on guys, without the peephole that is literally just an empty frame.

The Barcaloungers

They got the colour right, but without the recline action that scene is going to pretty boring. Just Joey and Chandler sitting around in mild comfort.

The balcony

A decent effort, even if you could clearly put your fist through those bricks.

The kitchen

Spot on, if a little cramped – you could barely fit 1.5 Joeys in that thing.


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